Repertoire Workshop by Blake Baumgartner
Enrollment is closed

Repertoire Workshop

Enrollment is closed

A Brand New Journey Awaits...

Are you ready to unlock your "Secret Weapon" for achieving new heights in chess?

Are you ready to build something great together?

I'm developing a brand-new program entirely focused on getting chess players the results they've always wanted.

As a member in this Beta program, you'll receive:

- personal coaching (game analysis, Q&A, and daily course support)
- a community of like-minded, improvement-focused chess players
- an evolving step-by-step system to take any player to the next level (built with YOUR OWN FEEDBACK!)
- Mindset Coaching
- Tactical and Strategic foundations
- A revolutionary approach to opening preparation
- Two full BONUS courses, free
- And much more

This "beta" version of the program is one-time only. Registration will close after Friday, May 8.

Jump in while you can, and don't miss out.

I'm going to focus a ton of attention on each of the students in this program to make sure they get results, and to take their feedback to make the program failproof.

Only then will I open up "public" enrollment into this course...but it certainly won't be for this price.

So if you're ready to unlock your chess potential...scroll up and click the button.

Your chess future awaits.